Moving disk partition from Solaris sparc to x86

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Operating Systems Solaris Moving disk partition from Solaris sparc to x86
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Old 08-12-2011
Thank you all mates for your replies.
the thing is we are talking about a size of 12 TB in total, no free space to assign on the X86 server to restore to, so I need to use same lun in something like export/import.

The ZFS option would be good to apply on the X86 server, but I dont think there would be a way to preserve the data on the same luns while they are being converted to ZFS.

If this can be done, then I can convert them on the source ( sparc server) then move/map/mount them to the destination ( X86 server), Do you think that would be possible?

Seems the only possible solution, is to backup everything to tape, then re-format the luns on X86 format, then restore back from tape, which will be so time costly off-course.

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Old 08-12-2011
You cannot convert UFS to ZFS on-site,an external temporary storage is needed.
In any case, if you care your 12 TB of data, you should already have at least a couple of backups.
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Old 08-12-2011
Linux might be able to mount sparc UFS.

another option is to emulate sparc solaris in qemu on x86.
but, ufsdump is best way to go.
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Old 08-12-2011
Originally Posted by orange47
Linux might be able to mount sparc UFS.

another option is to emulate sparc solaris in qemu on x86.
I would not trust either one of those without extensive testing.
but, ufsdump is best way to go.
Or as jlliagre posted, restore from the backups that exist if this truly is important data....
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