NTP server to support IPv4 and IPv6 client

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Operating Systems Solaris NTP server to support IPv4 and IPv6 client
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Old 08-09-2011
Still, I think if you can ping it, ntp could hit it with udp packets!
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All, How do you set a Solaris 9 server which received ntp updates from a ntp server to broadcast them on a local subnet. I have created a /etc/inet/ntp.conf file to receive the updates from a server on network and need to make this server become like a ntp relay from the main server. Any... (1 Reply)
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curvetun(8)							netsniff-ng-toolkit						       curvetun(8)

curvetun - lightweight curve25519-based multiuser IP tunnel SYNOPSIS
curvetun [-d|--dev <tun>][-x|--export][-C|--dumpc][-S|--dumps] [-k|--keygen][-c|--client [<alias>]][-s|--server][-N|--no-logging] [-p|--port <num>][-t|--stun <server>][-4|--ipv4][-6|--ipv6] [-v|--version][-h|--help] DESCRIPTION
curvetun embeds a client and a server to build and manage multiuser IP tunnels using Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) EXAMPLES
curvetun --keygen Generate public/private keypair. This needs to be done before to get things started. curvetun --export Export public data to remote servers curvetun --server -4 -u -N --port 6666 --stun stunserver.org Start a UDP IPv4 curvetun server on port 6666. Use stunserver.org as STUN server. curvetun --client=ethz Start curvetun client using the profile called 'ethz' OPTIONS
-k|--keygen Generate public/private keypair. -x|--export Export your public data for remote servers. -C|--dumpc Dump parsed clients. -S|--dumps Dump parsed servers. -D|--nofork Do not daemonize. -d|--dev <tun> Networking tunnel device, e.g. tun0. -c|--client [<alias>] Client mode, server alias optional. -s|--server Server mode. -N|--no-logging Disable server logging (for better anonymity). -p|--port <num> Port number (mandatory). -t|--stun <server> Show public IP/Port mapping via STUN. -u|--udp Use UDP as carrier instead of TCP. -4|--ipv4 Tunnel devices are IPv4. -6|--ipv6 Tunnel devices are IPv6. -v|--version Print version. -h|--help Print help text and lists all options. AUTHOR
Written by Daniel Borkmann <daniel@netsniff-ng.org> and Emmanuel Roullit <emmanuel@netsniff-ng.org> DOCUMENTATION
Documentation by Emmanuel Roullit <emmanuel@netsniff-ng.org> BUGS
Please report bugs to <bugs@netsniff-ng.org> 2012-06-29 curvetun(8)