how to connect to rlogind port 513 using ssh

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Operating Systems Solaris how to connect to rlogind port 513 using ssh
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Old 07-02-2011
how to connect to rlogind port 513 using ssh


Gud day,

Im facing this problem on how to connect to solaris 8 service rlogind listening to port 513 using ssh. I had no luck in establishing a connection using ssh in the rlogind. is there a way that i something missed or dont know know on how to accomplished my objective. or theres no posiblity to connect the ssh in the rlogin service and need to install a rsh package in my ubuntu linux box. Im hoping there some command in ssh that is missed and hope someone can share it.
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Old 07-02-2011
ssh isn't rlogin/rsh, no.

do you really need rlogin/rsh? if the solaris server has ssh, that's much more secure and still has ways to allow passwordless authentication.
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Old 07-04-2011
Originally Posted by Corona688
ssh isn't rlogin/rsh, no.

do you really need rlogin/rsh? if the solaris server has ssh, that's much more secure and still has ways to allow passwordless authentication.
Ill be glad to change the rsh to ssh but i guess it takes a lot of time to process the bureaucracy than setup the package.

Thanks for the response in understand the rsh is not possible in ssh so im i need to install the rsh package (rsh-client) maybe..

Thanks by the way.
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