What is the speciality of slice 2?

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Operating Systems Solaris What is the speciality of slice 2?
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Old 06-24-2011
What is the speciality of slice 2?

Part      Tag    Flag     Cylinders        Size            Blocks
  0       root    wm     259 - 2666        4.70GB    (2408/0/0)  9863168
  1       swap    wu       3 -  258      512.00MB    (256/0/0)   1048576
  2     backup    wm       0 - 4091        7.99GB    (4092/0/0) 16760832
  3 unassigned    wm    2667 - 2916      500.00MB    (250/0/0)   1024000
  4 unassigned    wm       0               0         (0/0/0)           0
  5 unassigned    wm       0               0         (0/0/0)           0
  6 unassigned    wm       0               0         (0/0/0)           0
  7 unassigned    wm       0               0         (0/0/0)           0
  8       boot    wu       0 -    0        2.00MB    (1/0/0)        4096
  9 alternates    wu       1 -    2        4.00MB    (2/0/0)        8192

i read in a book that slice 2 covers the entire disk and remaining slice occupy a particular set of cylinders. what is the point in slice 2 having the complete set of cylinders? what is the use of slice 2?
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Old 06-24-2011
Slice 2 in Solaris represents the entire disk. It maintains important data about the entire disk, such as the size of the actual disk and the total number of cylinders available for the storage of files and directories.
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Old 06-24-2011
I would ignore 'coolflyyy' reply, he seems to be 'trolling'.

beta17 said it right.
as I understand it, its some sort of 'virtual slice'. think its used when making a backup or similar.
its a bit tricky to resize it (shrik). because you would need to change drive geometry (if you ever need such operation)
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Old 06-24-2011
Originally Posted by orange47
I would ignore 'coolflyyy' reply, he seems to be 'trolling'.
Thanks, banned.
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Old 06-24-2011
Thanks all Smilie that gives me some idea
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