Veritas Volume Manager: disk "failed was"

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Operating Systems Solaris Veritas Volume Manager: disk "failed was"
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Old 04-06-2011
Veritas Volume Manager: disk "failed was"

Hello there,

I'm going to describe a situation I've got here... feel free to ask away questions and I'll provide what I can if it'll help me get this answered!

When I do a vxdisk list, I see a disk that VxVM calls "disk4" that is listed as "failed was: c1t9d0s2". When I do a format, I can go to the disk, do a p-p to see the partition table, no complaints.

So what I don't understand is this: in vxdisk list, c1t9d0s2 is now listed as disk02. Is c1t9d0s2 really disk4, or disk2? vxprint -htv |grep disk4 doesn't return anything on that disk, but vxprint -htv |grep disk02 does. So... what disk is disk04? Does it even exist? Is that a silly question? Smilie

Thanks in advance,

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Here's another note.

Upon doing vxdisk list disk4, I get this message:
vxvm: vxdisk: ERROR: disk4: Not connected to a physical disk
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Old 04-10-2011
Unfortunately, this is a common issue in VXVM,

exist many options.

The first, use the commando vxreattach, in theory, this command try return the disk failed to the diskgroup

1) vxreattach -c disk4 #### to check if reattach is possible
2) vxreattach disk4 ##### to apply te reattach process

at end you need execute vxrecover to start the volumes.

If vxreattach cannot return to original state, probably the private region of the disk is corrupted

Another option is use vxprivutil command to scan the Private region of disk and regenerate this region.

however, this second option is very aggresive.
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Old 04-11-2011
Data no vxreattach?

@cerber0, hope this doesn't sound dumb; but I had read about the vxreattach command elsewhere, but I can't seem to find it on my system. Is it perhaps a command in newer VxVM and I have an older version that doesn't have it?
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Old 04-11-2011
Which is your VXVM version?

I remember that vxreattach command is in /etc/vx/bin directory.
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