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Solaris Specs

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Operating Systems Solaris Solaris Specs
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Old 04-04-2011
Solaris Specs


I have been requested for a complete hardware specs of Solaris 9 OS, and I need to do this for some 56 servers.

I was wondering if someone has some script will which pull everything, or a list of commands which could provide me all the details. I would need CPU, memory, disk utilization etc.

Any help in this regard will be appreciated.

Thanks. John
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Old 04-04-2011
df -h

also cfg2html

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Old 04-04-2011
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Old 04-04-2011
Thanks for sending the command, here is my prtdiag output, is there any way I could know that if they've any slot free to put one more RAM :

System Configuration:  Sun Microsystems  sun4u Sun Fire V490
System clock frequency: 150 MHz
Memory size: 16384 Megabytes

========================= CPUs ===============================================

          Run   E$  CPU     CPU
Brd  CPU  MHz   MB  Impl.   Mask
--- ----- ---- ---- ------- ----
 A  0, 16 1350 16.0 US-IV    3.1
 B  1, 17 1350 16.0 US-IV    3.1
 A  2, 18 1350 16.0 US-IV    3.1
 B  3, 19 1350 16.0 US-IV    3.1

========================= Memory Configuration ===============================

          Logical  Logical  Logical
     MC   Bank     Bank     Bank         DIMM    Interleave  Interleaved
Brd  ID   num      size     Status       Size    Factor      with
---  ---  ----     ------   -----------  ------  ----------  -----------
 A    0     0      1024MB   no_status     512MB     8-way        0
 A    0     1      1024MB   no_status     512MB     8-way        0
 A    0     2      1024MB   no_status     512MB     8-way        0
 A    0     3      1024MB   no_status     512MB     8-way        0
 A    2     0      1024MB   no_status     512MB     8-way        0
 A    2     1      1024MB   no_status     512MB     8-way        0
 A    2     2      1024MB   no_status     512MB     8-way        0
 A    2     3      1024MB   no_status     512MB     8-way        0
 B    1     0      1024MB   no_status     512MB     8-way        1
 B    1     1      1024MB   no_status     512MB     8-way        1
 B    1     2      1024MB   no_status     512MB     8-way        1
 B    1     3      1024MB   no_status     512MB     8-way        1
 B    3     0      1024MB   no_status     512MB     8-way        1
 B    3     1      1024MB   no_status     512MB     8-way        1
 B    3     2      1024MB   no_status     512MB     8-way        1
 B    3     3      1024MB   no_status     512MB     8-way        1

========================= IO Cards =========================

                    Bus  Max
 IO  Port Bus       Freq Bus  Dev,
Type  ID  Side Slot MHz  Freq Func State Name                              Model
---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ----- --------------------------------  ----------------------
PCI   8    A    0    66   66  1,0  ok    lpfc-pci10df,fd00.10df.fd00.1/fp+ LP11002-M4
PCI   8    A    0    66   66  1,1  ok    lpfc-pci10df,fd00.10df.fd00.1/fp+ LP11002-M4

Thanks, John
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Old 04-05-2011
In this configuration you have 32 DIMMs with 512MB each installed. There are no free memory slots. If you want to increase the total memory you have to replace 512MB DIMMs with 1GB DIMMs or 2GB DIMMs in groups of four. You need 3,3V synchronous DRAMs.
See the Sun Fire V490 Server Administration Guide at and the CPU/Memory Module Configuration Guide at
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Old 04-05-2011
Thank you!
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Old 04-12-2011
hello jhon

same as my problem.. thanks for some information

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The Solaris Operating System, usually known as Solaris which is created by Sun Microsystems. but how The Solaris OS owning by Oracle?
I just wondering?
Thanks for the response.. Godbless allSmilie))

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