Installing Solaris 8 bootblock without Solaris Install CD

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Operating Systems Solaris Installing Solaris 8 bootblock without Solaris Install CD
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Old 01-16-2011
Originally Posted by johnny994
I thought of running an OpenSolaris 10 OS, but later I figured that OpenSolaris/Solaris 10 both use grub instead of the bootloader Solaris 8 had.
You figured it wrong. This move is x86 specific but you are running on SPARC.
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Old 01-16-2011
I am not familiar with Solaris for Intel/OpenSolaris but presumably you may boot up into single user mode by doing something at the grub stage (See Boot OpenSolaris into Single User Mode Mike Gerdts ) that will prevent it going straight into the application, you can then login as the root user and reinstate the boot block on the copy of the disc, otherwise boot off a Solaris disk exit to the # prompt rather than installing (or use a "Live" CD) and reinstate the boot block from there.

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Old 01-16-2011
Originally Posted by TonyFullerMalv
presumably you may boot up into single user mode by doing something at the grub stage
As I just wrote, the OP is running on SPARC so there is no GRUB involved. To boot in single user mode, type Stop-A to go to the openboot prompt then type
boot -s

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Old 01-17-2011
The mention of OpenSolaris (normally run on Intel/AMD processors) confused me.
Once you are logged on single user mode you can then install the boot block onto the cloned disk...
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Old 01-18-2011
My apologies.
As I said I am not familiar with Solaris in particular so I decided not to fool around with the machine I'm working on, but decided to clone the drives on a separate (unfortunately x86) machine. At that point I presumed it's possible, but still I had no Intel Solaris 8 (nor sparc invariant, though that wouldn't change anything). That's where I *thought* of running OpenSolaris (again I say I am -not- familiar with solaris), until I figured it is meant for x86 and it was using grub. It was just a note of what I -tought- and -tried-, and it did -not- work, so yes, let's get back to the topic, shall we?

Other than that, the single user mode should be the thing I needed (though I would still need to use the machine I'm cloning, instead of doing the process on a separate machine as I originally intended), though it's too late now. Other than that, thanks, since I presume that might be just what I needed.

Kind regards,
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Old 01-18-2011
Note that OpenSolaris and Solaris 11 Express are (hopefully) available for both the x86 and SPARC architectures.
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