implementing RAID 1 from RAID 5

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Operating Systems Solaris implementing RAID 1 from RAID 5
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Old 12-15-2010
implementing RAID 1 from RAID 5

Dear ALl,

I have a RAID 5 volume which is as below

d120             r   60GB c1t2d0s5 c1t3d0s5 c1t4d0s5 c1t5d0s5
d7               r   99GB c1t2d0s0 c1t3d0s0 c1t4d0s0 c1t5d0s0
d110             r   99GB c1t2d0s4 c1t3d0s4 c1t4d0s4 c1t5d0s4
d8               r   99GB c1t2d0s1 c1t3d0s1 c1t4d0s1 c1t5d0s1
d9               r   49GB c1t2d0s3 c1t3d0s3 c1t4d0s3 c1t5d0s3

Now My co is asking me to create RAID 1 from the above disks.

Kindly let me know how can I configure RAID 1 from the above.

YOur help is much appreciated.


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Old 12-16-2010
backup all data, create the new needed volumes and restore the data to the new volumes.
as allready mentioned in your other thread, you have 4 disks on the same controller which is and will be a performance issue even with the new raid 1 volumes.
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Old 12-19-2010
Dear Duke,

Thanks for the reply,

Yes I am going to put RAID 1 , if i want to use with different controllers , how can i do it. And also where can i find the controllers information in solaris. So that I can use the available controllers.

Thanks and Regards
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