IPMP on Private interconnects

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Operating Systems Solaris IPMP on Private interconnects
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I used this tutorial (from c0t0d0s0.org) to implememt IPMP (see probe method) for our Oracle(Database) systems. It did not work like we thought so we implemented link aggregation (which also requires some coordination with your network peeps.)

Good luck! Smilie

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Originally Posted by DukeNuke2
ok, it's not a solaris cluster it is an oracle RAC. so you try to setup an ipmp group to use as as an interconnect for the RAC nodes...
as Mack1982 already asked, where are your problems? the paper you provided gives examples on how to setup ipmp...
Okay, it looks as if i was going down the wrong path after all. It appears that the issue is tied to Sun cluster rather than to Oracle RAC and IPMPing those two private interfaces. For testing purposes on node A, we pulled nge0 and the system stayed up and running (oracle and Solaris), when we plugged nge0 back in and unplugged nge1 we received the same results. On the second node in the cluster, Node B, we attempted the same test and found that pulling nge1 caused the node to evacuate. It appears that there is a configuration issue with Sun Cluster on Node B and that the private interconnects are working as they should.
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ipmp on private interconnects

Hi mack1982,

Can you please explain me about how to achieve a fully redundant private network with 2 dedicated switches (so that neither the port, nor the cables, nor the switches become a single point of failure)?

We connect eth2 from both nodes to switch1 and eth2 from both nodes to switch2. So 2 completely redundant paths. How should we proceed from here? We configure IPMP on these 2 interfaces. But it does not look correct.
So should there be a cross or straight cable between switch1 & switch2?
Should the IP Address assigned to 4 ports (eth2 & eth3 on both nodes) should belong to the same LAN or different LAN? i.e. all 4 from 192.168.2.x or eth2 has to be from 192.168.2.x and eth3 has to be from 192.168.3.x? If 2 diff. LAN then will IPMP work on it? If 1 LAN then we would need a cross cable between switches to make it 1 network else all 4 IPs cant ping/see each other. So as you see, i am confused and it would be great if you can help me understand this.

many thanks.
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- Connect eth2 from both nodes to switch 1
- Connect eth3 from both nodes to switch 2

Now you have two paths available

- Enter the IP address of eth2 in the /etc/hosts file

- edit the /etc/hostname.eth2 as follows:
server-priv1 netmask + broadcast + group ipmp0 up

- edit the /etc/hostname.eth3 as follows:
group ipmp0 up

Reboot the server
Note: Do not assign IP to the standby interface.
Note: Assuming you are using solaris10

use the following command to test ipmp via CLI

#if_mpadm [-r] [-d] <interface>
- -r -> revert back
- -d -> disable i-e failover
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