SUN E250 Cluster

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Operating Systems Solaris SUN E250 Cluster
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SUN E250 Cluster


I need some help, since I am new to cluster.

I am handling a site where I have look after two SUN E250 server.
I have been asked to configure Active-Active Clustering on these servers.

I would like to know how to configure both the servers for clustering.

Below are the things which I beleive is required to have clustering -

A disk array
A fiber channel and Fiber switch
2 NICs

Do let me know if I have missed-out something.

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if you are planning to use a sun cluster you will need 1 shared storage (scsi or fc) for the global device. with sun cluster its possible to mount the global device on both sides read/writeable (sun global file system with solaris logical volume management). you will need at minimum 2 nics per node for the cluster interconnect (privat network) and at minimum 1 nic for the network. it would make sens to use 2 nics per node to reduce the single point of failure. solaris/suncluster can handle these 4 interfaces with one virual IP (IPMP, sun trafficmanager) and loadbalancing.

# 3  
does fc stands for fiber channel?

I need a detailed configuration steps which can help me in configuring both the system for the cluster.

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Documentation on SUN Cluster can be found at

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Thanks to all members for all the information.

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Sun Cluster

can someone tell me if rsh and rexec are required by SUN cluster configuration? is there a SUN documentation stating that both services are required?

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