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# 1  
dtlogin logo

where are the frisky CDE admins.... ;-)
how can i change the welcome logo?
i found the /usr/dt/config/C/Xresources
and the entry:
but when i enter my own *.bm or *.xpm file the screen use a black logo.... i think i am using the wrong resolution for my picture... but what is the right one??
any ideas
X pixel x Y pixel in X bit?

thx a lot

# 2  
Convert the pic to XPM format with fewer than 80 colors. Drop it into /usr/dt/backdrops/ with an extension of .pm.

# 3  
I've never done this, but I remember seeing a chapter in a old Sun training manual I have laying around. So I'll copy what they said for you but I'm not sure it will work. Looks to me like you need to put that Xconfig file in a different place but other than that your example was right. Hopefully these instructions will help.


1. Change to the /etc/dt/config/C directory. Create it if it does not exist.

cd /etc/dt/config/C
cp /usr/dt/config/C/Xresources .

2. Edit the /etc/dt/config/C/Xresources file and change the following line:

!! Dtlogin*logo*bitmapFile:

to include the path to your bitmap or pixmap file

3. Save the file

4. Log out. A different image appears on the Dtlogin screen.
# 4  

it works! thx a lot

creating a xpm picture, move to pm and to /usr/dt/backdrops/, edit the Xresources file...

nice, thx again

greetings pressy
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