Solaris Partioning scheme

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Old 08-20-2004
Solaris Partioning scheme


I have a sun server. Recently I have attached a new 80 GB disk. I would like to install the Solaris OS on this disk.

Now I would be installing some database on this disk.

I have decided to allocate a slice of 20GB or DB2 and one more slice of 20GB for Sybase.

The / partition would be 20GB. Now I would like to know is it ok if I keep the below directories in the one single / partition


In short instead of allocating separate slice for each of the above, is it ok if I keep everything in one single large slice, since I would be allocating 20GB for “/” partition.

Will it create any performance related issues.

I would be going for complete installation of the Solaris OS i.e. (Entire Distribution Plus OEM Support)

Also please suggest me some good practice for partitioning the disk with respect to my case.

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Old 08-20-2004

i would prefer to export the "/var" directory, because in this directory all logs are written. when you patch the mashine the patches are also stored in /var for recovery... if you don't export it your / could grow up to 100% which could break your OS..

g P
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Old 08-20-2004

In that case can u suggest how much should I allocate for all the slice.

Also what should be the partition layout. If you can provide me an example then It would be helpful to me and also I would be able to understand it more clearly.

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Old 08-20-2004

this information is based on Adrian Cockroft „Solaris Performance and Tuning" and is offical supported by sun, and i've learned it on the SUN EIS (enterprise install service) course (certification for iforce partners)

slice 0 / 10240m
slice 1 swap 2048m
(swap minimum 2gb, if you have more RAM you could ajust it if you have more than one disk you should export the rest for performance reasons[you should survive a dump])
slice 3 (if you will mirror the disks for the metadb) 256m
slice 4 /var 4096m
slice 5 /applications rest

data should be on an external storage....

g P
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Old 08-20-2004
Thanks Pressy

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