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Disk Storage Need to Add more Disk

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Operating Systems Solaris Disk Storage Need to Add more Disk
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Disk Storage Need to Add more Disk


Anyone can help me, just want to confirm, if possible adding a disk storage that we have a RAWDATA with +ASM in our database. If possible, what would you recommend "workaround used" from us to do and the preparation. And also how long the downtime will take.

Our disk continuous to grow, need to add more disk storage in our "Sun StorageTek 3510 FC Array".

Storage having the following above;

Database : Oracle10g release
OS : SUN Solaris 10
Number of Nodes and Oracle SID Mapping : 2 instances "db01 and db02" using rawdata with +asm

Thanks in Advance;

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hpialarms(1)							      OpenHPI							      hpialarms(1)

hpialarms - A openhpi sample application that shows "Alarm Control" management instruments SYNOPSIS
hpialarms [-a -b -c -i -m -n -p -o -x] DESCRIPTION
hpialarms walks the RPT (Resource Present Table) for resouces that have "Alarm Control" management instruments (SAHPI_CTRL_LED). OPTIONS
-c1 sets Critical Alarm on -c0 sets Critical Alarm off -m1 sets Major Alarm on -m0 sets Major Alarm off -n1 sets Minor Alarm on -n0 sets Minor Alarm off -p1 sets Power Alarm on -p0 sets Power Alarm off -i5 sets Chassis ID on for 5 sec -i0 sets Chassis ID off -a1 sets Disk A fault on -a0 sets Disk A fault off -b1 sets Disk B fault on -b0 sets Disk B fault off -d[byte] sets raw Alarm byte -o sets all Alarms off -x show eXtra debug messages SAMPLE OUTPUT
hpialarmpanel ver 0.6 RptInfo: UpdateCount = 5, UpdateTime = 8a2dc6c0 rptentry[0] resourceid=1 tag: Mullins RDR[45]: ctltype=2:1 oem=0 Chassis Identify Control RDR[48]: ctltype=0:1 oem=10 Front Panel Power Alarm LED state = off RDR[51]: ctltype=0:1 oem=13 Front Panel Minor Alarm LED state = ON RDR[46]: ctltype=0:0 oem=0 Cold Reset Control RDR[49]: ctltype=0:1 oem=11 Front Panel Critical Alarm LED state = off RDR[50]: ctltype=0:1 oem=12 Front Panel Major Alarm LED state = off SEE ALSO
Authors of this man page: Peter D Phan ( 2.14.1 2009-11-23 hpialarms(1)

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