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Look for distinct files under a directory matching a pattern

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Operating Systems Solaris Look for distinct files under a directory matching a pattern
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Look for distinct files under a directory matching a pattern


I'm searching for a pattern 'java' under a directory but it is returning all the files containing 'java', but I want to have only distinct files not all.

please help
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what option you have to make system understand "distinct". its all about search pattern which you pass.
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Are you looking for files that contain 'java' or files called 'java' ?

If you are looking for a file that contains the string 'Java' is it preceeded or followed by a 'space' or a 'nl'

If you are trying to match 'java' and it comes back with 'java23' and/or 'javaxyx', both of those are a valid match.

if you are lookinf for a file name use 'find -name java'

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