Log Rotation of Catalina.out

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Operating Systems Solaris Log Rotation of Catalina.out
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Log Rotation of Catalina.out


Recently i received a request to rotate logs of catalina.out (tomcat). The file size was about 807 MB. I used logadm to truncate the log ( -c ) and zip (-z 0) it.
Everything worked fine, catalina.out.0.gz was created (22 MB) and the size of original catalina.out became 0kb.
After about 5 minutes, the size of the catalina.out again reached 807MB. I made a copy and ziped it again and this time the compression made it 8kb. Running the cat command does not produce any output. Its like a file created using the mkfile command. Has anyone come across this issue?

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For proper logrotation you have to send SIGUSR1 to tomcat after the logfile was rotated. You can find the PID in the file $CATALINA_PID, which defaults to $CATALINA_HOME/temp/tomcat.pid
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