MAC spoofing a virtual NIC on Solaris 5.0

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Operating Systems Solaris MAC spoofing a virtual NIC on Solaris 5.0
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Power MAC spoofing a virtual NIC on Solaris 5.0

Hi everybody!

I'm facing a problem and I doubt about the solution (I'm not very familiar with old *NIXs).
An external network supplier (let's call them "telco") just installed new communication components that filters MAC addresses.

I have a Solaris 5 server, with 1 NIC (hte0) which is configured with 3 IP addresses, each on a virtual device: hte0, hte0:1 and hte0:2.

Telco's hardware needs 2 accesses to my Solaris server, with 2 different IPs AND different MAC.

As the server is vital for quite a lot of people, I can't allow it to shutdown and spend time installing a new NIC (besides, as the server is an old SUN, finding a network card will be hard and expensive).

What I guess could be an alternative would be

ifconfig hte0
ifconfig hte0:3 plumb
ifconfig hte0:3 up
ifconfig hte0:3 down
ifconfig hte0:3 hw ether ab:ba:12:34:56:78
ifconfig hte0:3 up

But I'm not sure the
ifconfig hte0:3 hw ether ab:ba:12:34:56:78

will be OK with such an old OS... (makes me feel old too, saying such a thing... ).
Hardware virtualization was not really developed, back then...

Has anyone had a similar problem?
As this server is vital (and I really mean that), I don't want to shut it down if it can be avoided!

PS: sorry for my weird formulations, English is not my mother-tongue and I hate automated translators...
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It will not work. MAC address on logical interface (hte0:1, hte0:2 ...) is always the same as MAC address on physical interface on which it is created.
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Originally Posted by bartus11
It will not work. MAC address on logical interface (hte0:1, hte0:2 ...) is always the same as MAC address on physical interface on which it is created.
I'm afraid I can guess your answer but.... is there any way to "spoof" that MAC address, event if that implies the use of "borderline tools"?
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You can have more than one mac address on a single physical interface with OpenSolaris but not on any released Solaris version (i.e. 10 and older). However, there is no such thing as Solaris 5.0. What OS release are you actually running (cat /etc/release) and on what hardware ?
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the cat /etc/release says
Solaris 2.6 s297s_smccServer_37cshwp SPARC
Copyright 1996 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Manufactured in the USA 18 July 1997
But dmesg says
cpu0: SUNW,UltraSPARC-II (upaid 1 impl 0x11 ver 0x20 clock 296 MHz)
cpu1: SUNW,UltraSPARC-II (upaid 3 impl 0x11 ver 0x11 clock 296 MHz)
SunOS Release 5.6 Version Generic [UNIX(R) System V Release 4.0]
Copyright (c) 1983-1997, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
In fact it's a SunOS 5.6, so if I remember well that's Solaris 2.6

Sorry for the mistaking...

Hardware is a SUN Ultra Enterprise 450, with 2x UltraSPARC-II CPU@296MHz
(yes, that's a bit old)
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Indeed. I doubt that box would fly with OpenSolaris ...
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