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How do I view file?

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Operating Systems Solaris How do I view file?
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How do I view file?

I am trying to view the files in /etc/security/audit/SERVERNAME/files, but when I gunzip them and then do a cat I get a bunch of garbage with some stuff that makes sense. I need to view this file without having all the garbage. I tried to cat it and vi it without any luck. Can someone show me an easy command to view these files while also uncompressing them at the same time? That would be cool.
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You can use
#strings <file name>
to see the content
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I did:

strings 20100923000000.20100924000000.SERVERNAME.gz

and it came up with the same garbage but down the screen in a uniform format. I would like to just have the good stuff and not all the garbage. Any other suggestions?
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Gunzip 1st before seeing the file
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That worked out cool. Can you tell me what all this information in this file means. Is it like event files of all the actions on the server for that day?

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