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Sun Cluster 3.1 failover

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Operating Systems Solaris Sun Cluster 3.1 failover
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Old 09-23-2010
Sun Cluster 3.1 failover logs

We have two sun SPARC server in Clustered (Sun Cluster 3.1). For some reason, System 1 failed over to System 2. Where can I find the logs which could tell me the reason for this failover?


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Old 09-23-2010
have a look at "scstat" and of course /var/adm/messages.
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Old 09-23-2010
Humm,.. i looked in /var/adm/messages,.. but didn't find anything in there.

also check /var/cluster/logs,.. but those files very old

Scstat only tells the status of the cluster,..... (the cluster backup, working on two nodes, active active)
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Old 09-23-2010
All loggin from the cluster is kept in the /var/adm/messages files, so if those files has been overwritten, then it is no way for you to see why the cluster did the failover unless your application did som logging of its self.
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Old 09-23-2010
Actually, the /var/adm/messages file has some errors reported in it, but there is no info about failing over. I am assuming the log would say something like "server2 failed over".

I have asked the vendor to look into it and open a case with oracle.

Actually EMC rebooted on of our SPs. However, rebooting one SP just shifts all the LUNs on that SP to other SPs (Multipathing). It should have been transparent to the Cluster.
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Old 09-27-2010
Well apparently, the Sun Cluster was fine. The issue was only at RAC level....

Most cluster error messages are logged by the syslog mechanism to files specified in /etc/syslog.conf - in this case of both nodes this is /var/adm/messages.

Other log files and data services are described in SunSolve Document ID: 1009248.1 (attached).

Since the release of Sun Cluster 3.1 Update 1, Sun Cluster provides a cluster event log daemon, cl_eventlogd, which runs on all the nodes of the cluster and logs cluster events to the /var/cluster/logs/eventlog file.

Whilst the eventlog is 0 bytes on both nodes the daemon is running on both nodes, so I see no reason to suspect they are not logging properly, just that there are no events to log.

ps-ef.out: /usr/cluster/lib/sc/cl_eventlogd

ps-ef.out: /usr/cluster/lib/sc/cl_eventlogd

To continue with the investigations I need you to tell me what the problem was that prompted you to log the call.
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