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M5000 boot net- install failed

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Operating Systems Solaris M5000 boot net- install failed
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Old 09-22-2010
Data M5000 boot net- install failed

Good evening all,I'm new to your site, so please bear any infringements or transgressions on my part.I'm new to the whole Solaris boot install over the net scenario, but here's where I'm stuck:I have an M5000 with 2 domains (running unimode). Domain 0 is configured and running Solaris 10. Domain 1 has no OS. There is only one DVD on the system and is accessible from one domain at a time (and requires system board swapping). It can be maide accessible to the other domain but that requires the running side to be shutdown (which I cannot do).So I've created a jumpstart server and it "looks" like it's working. (I get rpcinfo replies from it)It is said that to boot the domain over the net simply type:boot net - installfrom the o prompt. This done from XSCF, I get the dreaded "Can't locate boot device"immediately on pressing return. Makes me think that it's not even trying to look on the network for the Jumpstart server...All suggestions welcome and thanks in advanceRS
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Old 09-23-2010
Are these systems in same subnet mask? The boot server needs to be in same subnet mask as the client.
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Old 09-23-2010
and you need to be sure to use the right interface... check the devaliases.
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Old 09-24-2010
on the OBP, try :


#watch-net-all >> check which <int> is Ok
#boot net <int>
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Old 09-24-2010
Greentings all,

Apologies for my delayed response:

May thanks for the replies; much appreciated. I uninstalled the original jumpstart
config I used and installed JET I still get replies from rpcinfo, so I'm kinda happy
that the bootp server is ok...

Apologies for the delayed response:

Kumarmani: Yip it's on the same subnet ( At least I think so!! I can't get to the NIC to set an IP/MASK... but the intention is to have it on the same subnet)

Now that's what I'm not sure of. There are physical devices in the box, although I'm not getting a status when I hook up a cable. I know the cable works because I tested it on domain 0. The other thing is that I'm not sure what MAC to assign it. I did a "banner" from the OBP and used that MAC address. Not sure how to pic up the MAC's from the other NICs as there's nothing running there and I'm not sure hw to pic it up from XSCF>
devalias returns nothing...

after doing a reset-all, when I got control back, probe-scsi-all yielded nothing
I did a reset-all again and then did a watch-net-all.. also nothing:

{0} ok watch-net-all
{0} ok

Thanks for your suggestions!!
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Old 09-24-2010
do a "show-nets" from obp and copy the path to the networkinterface you are using. after that do a "cd /path/to/your/interface" and insert ".properties". you'll get the mac address of the interface (and many other infos).
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Old 09-24-2010
To add on to the Duke solution, to find which network interface is used once you type boot net install. Use the devalias to see which the path of network before selecting the option from show-net.

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