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Changing back the OBP from the RSC

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Operating Systems Solaris Changing back the OBP from the RSC
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Network Changing back the OBP from the RSC

Hi everyone new to Solaris 10 and Linix and am having problems changing back the OBP from RSC ( Remote System Control).

I bought a SunFire 280R Server a month or two ago, installed Solaris 10 on to it. Have been trying to setup correct settings and came across a guide on Oracle website which reads:
To display current and default values of specific OpenBoot configuration variable, specify the "printenv" commandand the varible name at the ok prompt. ie: ok printenv diag-switch?
diag-switch? = false (This being the default value).
I some how changed this value to True...
And changed the setenv diag-level from (min) to Max.
In doing this I have lost the ok prompt on startup and want to get it back from the remote system control. Can't find a command prompt to run new commands to get the ok prompt back.
Can anyone out there please help me with this problem?....


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Once your diag – switch is true and diag – level is set as max , which mean your system is running the intensive POST. its not that you have lost the OK prompt, it may take few more minutes to come at OK prompt. In case if you are unable to get the OK prompt then you have multiple option.

  • You can go to SC and execute break, which will drop you to OK prompt or else you can given init 0 from OS to go to OK. To go to RSC from OS press #. and then eneter berak. once you get something like below on your RSC

    Are you sure you want to send a break to the system [y/n]? yes
    after y again you will be back to RSC, to go to OK on Sc propmt type console -f
  • The second option is opening the box and disconnects the hard disk data cable. Automatically system will go to OK prompt, once you are at OK prompt then you can change auto-boot? False. This will always bring your system on OK prompt in case of reboot

  • The other option you have is STOP+A

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Changing back the OBP from the RSC.

Hi Kumarmani,
Thanks for your prompt reply to my thread, just to let you know that I have tryed the stop+A option, and the ok prompt doesn't return at all.
Have had the machine running for 2 hours or more and no sign of the ok prompt returning.
Have also removed hard drives to prevent the system booting and hoping this would automatically go to ok prompt with no result.
You say that I could go to RSC and execute break or go to OS, NOT SURE HOW TO DO THIS SORRY...
How do I go to RSC from OS????.
Yeah I know I'm a Dummie lol!!!!!.....Smilie

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Are you able to get into to OS – operating system (Solaris), if so what the OS version? After two hour what is happening are you able to get something? Do you get anything on display?

How do I go to RSC from OS????.

To go to RSC from OS you have to press #. ( # + . in a second time ). In case if it do not work then the other option you have resetting the RSC from OS.. For that your need to get into directory /usr/platform/`uname –i/sbin and execute the scadm / rscadm as below

# ./rscadm resetrsc

It will reset the RSC after that you should able to get into the RSC with #.
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I'm not too familiar anymore with the 280, but if it's an RSC isn't its default ~. and not #.? You should be able to check with /usr/platform/`uname -i`/rsc/rscadm show. It lists escape_char.
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Changing back the OBP from the RSC.

Thanks again Kumarmani,
Can get into OS, and OS is Solaris 10.....
After about an hour Solaris comes up on screen, asks for password to enter.
But prior to that approx 5 min or so I get a white screen where ok prompt usually comes up.
I will try getting into directory today to see if that suggestion works, will let you know how that goes.
Thanks again Smilie.

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Hi Robinthehood,

If you can login as root, issue the eeprom command and reset the diag switch setting:

eeprom diag-switch?=false

as well as the diag level:

eeprom diag-level=min

Hope that helps,



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