Slow login via SSH

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Operating Systems Solaris Slow login via SSH
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Slow login via SSH

Hi Guys and Girls, I know this is a common question but I've searched and we've tried the suggestions without luck. When I log into the box via SSH from a windows machine I get a 1 min 20 sec delay. If we add my IP address and machine name to /etc/hosts then I get an instant login. I would be happy with that as a solution except that it appears my IP keeps changing. Most of the posts I've looked at suggest this is a DNS issue which seems to fit as this machine times out if I type "nslookup bob" where on another server this returns instantly with an error. The timeout is 20 seconds which would indicate that when I log in it attempts to do 4 dns lookups?

I'm guessing the answer to this is fix the dns issue but that's not likely that easy. I don't know how this machine is connected to the network or even where in Australia the machine is located. It's a lab machine so likely doesn't have much access to anything. Assuming it can't reach a dns server can I work around this somehow? I found a post suggesting we put "UseDNS no" in /etc/ssh/sshd_config but this didn't help for some reason.

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After adding the UseDNS configuration, did you reload/restart SSH? Otherwise it won't have any effect.
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What is the host OS?
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Thanks for the replies,

uname -a says this:
SunOS xxxxxxxx 5.10 Generic_139555-08 sun4v sparc SUNW,T5440
I've removed the server name in case it's not something I should publish.

Pludi, we did try restarting sshd.
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I faced problems with SSH delays on Solaris. Check the SSH package version. We removed it and installed the latest OpenSSH and it solved our problem.

pkgchk -l | grep -i ssh

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Is there a MOTD that appears when you login?

try doing a ssh -v or ssh -vv or ssh -vvv to view the 3 levels of debugging to determine where the system is getting stuck at.

Also what specs is your system running?
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This might be the the server DNS setting problem. Assuming it can't reach a dns server, suggest is use your previous method to solve it
"add IP address and machine name to /etc/hosts".
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