Serial Barcode Reader

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Operating Systems Solaris Serial Barcode Reader
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Serial Barcode Reader

I have a serial barcode reader which I attached to my Solaris 10 workstation. I can see the barcode scanned data appearing when I do a tip hardwire.

Question is how can I enable the data to appear in command prompt or any text editor programs?

Thanks for the help
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you can use the tool "script".
$ script <filename> tip hardwire

after finishing scaning data just press "ctrl+c" and all the data is in the file.
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Hi DukeNuke2,

Thanks for the reply. But this isn't what I have in mind.

Let me elaborate. I've some applications running and I need the scanned barcodes to appear in the fields where my cursor is. That is, instead of using the keyboard as a input device, I would use the barcode reader.

I have seen it done with a hardware keyboard wedge connection, i.e. barcode reader and keyboard connected together. But in my case, I got a USB keyboard and serial (RS-232) barcode reader.
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Originally Posted by timtan169
Question is how can I enable the data to appear in command prompt or any text editor programs?
this is what i've answered...
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