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Interview questions [thread closed]

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Operating Systems Solaris Interview questions [thread closed]
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Old 08-07-2010
Interview questions [thread closed]

Hi all, i have found a set questions from the net, i thought it will be great to ask and share with you gurus.

I have the questions and some answers (correct me, if i am wrong) for these set of questions.
  • 1. What file do you modify to change the mail aliases (Provide the full path) ?
    Ans: /etc/aliases
  • What command do you run after modifying the aliases file make the changes active?
  • How do you enable logging on a UFS file system?
  • What commands can you use to dynamically add scsi disks to a sun system?
  • How do you install package to a specific directory? e.g like to install wget in /home/vin/wget rather than the default one "/usr"
  • What command shows what modules are loaded into the Kernel?
    Ans: modinfo
  • What command increases the priority of a process and all sub processes on a solaris system?
  • What command in Solaris, do you use to setup aliases for devices?
    Ans: nvalias
  • How do you watch network traffic on interface qfe3?
  • What command shows TCP/IP parameter settings?
    Ans: ifconfig
  • How do you set Network cards to 100 full interactively & permanently?
  • What tools in Solaris help you diagnose harware failures?
  • How do you determine by how much a Veritas Volume can be expanded?
    Ans: vxassist -g "diskgroup" maxgrow "volumename"
  • How do you grow a Veritas VXVM volume?
    Ans: vxresize,vxassist with growby and growto option
  • Where is the dump from a system crash normally kept? Can we customize it?
    Ans: /var/crash/hostname ---its the directory, it can be customized through /etc/dumpadm.conf
  • How do you determine Volume Status in Veritas VxVM?
    Ans: vxprint -hvt
  • Why would you deport a diskgroup in VxVM?
  • How do you create additional state databases in solaris volume manager?
  • Does Solaris Volume Manager have soft partitioning?
  • How do you clear volume information from a solaris volume manager disk?
  • How do you shutdown a Veritas Cluster Server, leaving the applications running from the command line?
  • How do you speed up processing of a process and All it's child processes?

i am expecting your answers and correct me if i gave any wrong answers here.

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Old 08-07-2010
Moderator's Comments:
Mod Comment Sorry, we are not going to answer your interview questions for you. This is a form of "cheating" which is not permitted here. Thread closed!
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