How to get system parameters / information on Sun Solaris 5.10

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Operating Systems Solaris How to get system parameters / information on Sun Solaris 5.10
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Old 07-17-2010
How to get system parameters / information on Sun Solaris 5.10

Hello to everyone,

i am new to Sun Solaris. i have Solaris 5.10 installed on the X86 platform.
i am writing a script which gathers some system information. but i can not find some of the parameter from the system
can any one please suggest to way to find these params.
shell command will be prefered if not available other way will do:

Following are the commands
1. company name : the name of the registered owner .
2. is case sensitive & preserve case properties of the logical volume
3.other properties like support for quota, support for encryption, support for compression.
4 . how to check if disk is compressed.
5. volume serial number for logical volume
6.interface for physical drives like cd rom or hard disk , expected answer is ATA, SCSI etc
7. how to check if mathco preocessor is attached
8. processor id : from the manifacturer of the processor

Any help appreciat
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Old 07-17-2010
for last one try

kstat -m cpu_info
grep for the desired field if available
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