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/etc/rc2.d vs /etc/init.d

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Operating Systems Solaris /etc/rc2.d vs /etc/init.d
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/etc/rc2.d vs /etc/init.d


Can somebody please tell me the difference between the files in /etc/rc2.d and those in /etc/init.d? I am asking because on one system, I got a sysedge file S99.sysedge under /etc/rc2.d and it has a soft link to the /etc/init.d/sysedge.
It would be my understanding that the one under /etc/rc2.d would be used at the system reboot and the one under /etc/init.d would be to allow us to manually stop and start sysedge. Please shed more lights on this for me

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you can think of it this way: rc2.d is for run-level 2

Do you suppose that init steps through run levels -> 3 when it boots up?
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/etc/init.d is a convenient repository directory. It is not used by init which only scans the rc*.d directories for start and stop scripts. These ones are often soft links to init.d but aren't required to be.
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This is described at length in "man rc".
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Thanks guys for your response.


Yes, I supposed that init runs through run level 3.


Good to know that rc*.d aren't required to be soft links to /etc/init.d ....That's what i wanted to know.


cannot find a man page for rc as you suggested above.

Thanks again all,
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man init.d

on Solaris.
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Thanks jlliagre.

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