IPMP active-standby configuration

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Operating Systems Solaris IPMP active-standby configuration
# 1  
IPMP active-standby configuration

Hi All,

Need your help to explaining why when i configure 2 interface IPMP active-standby appear, INACTIVE and DEPRECATED parameter, detail screen shoot as below :

root@machine01 # ifconfig -a
e1000g0:  flags=1000843<UP,BROADCAST,RUNNING,MULTICAST,IPv4> mtu 1500 index  7
        inet netmask ffffff00 broadcast
        groupname mnic
        ether 0:15:17:dc:ef:50  
        inet netmask ff000000 
        groupname  mnic
        ether 0:15:17:dc:ee:ce

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please show your config files for the interfaces...
# 3  
root@machine01 # more /etc/hostname.e1000g0
btrcm1 netmask + broadcast + group mnic up
root@machine01 # more /etc/hostname.e1000g2
group mnic deprecated -failover standby up

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# 4  
you are doing a mix of probe and link based ipmp. if you work with a deprecated interface, you need another address above your interfaces to switch between the interfaces. with link based ipmp you won't need that.

try this:
root@machine01 # more /etc/hostname.e1000g0
btrcm1 group mnic up
root@machine01 # more /etc/hostname.e1000g2
group mnic up

# 5  
hi DukeNuke2,

it's mean i have to edit the /etc/hostname.e1000g0 and /etc/hostname.e1000g2

root@machine01 # more /etc/hostname.e1000g0
btrcm1 group mnic up
root@machine01 # more /etc/hostname.e1000g2
group mnic up

# 6  
if this are your files... yes!
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# 7  
I'll try this and I'll let you know the result.. thanks for the information...
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