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Please give me answer for these interview questions.

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Operating Systems Solaris Please give me answer for these interview questions.
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Old 05-31-2010
Please give me answer for these interview questions.

As i'm going to attend my first interview day after tomorrow,

What should i need to answer if the interviewer asked me about

1. Tell me about your production environment.

2. What about your team size?

3. Tell me about the most critical situation/issue you have ever faced.

Can any one also suggest me what type of questions that i have to face regarding my production environment other than the questions listed above.

I have used 3 years of experience.
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Old 05-31-2010
Um, sorry to tell you this, but these are completely subjective questions, applicable only to the person asked. What good would it do you if you knew how big our production environment is if yours is significantly larger/smaller? Same for team size. And ones most critical situation might be childs play for someone else.
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Old 05-31-2010
Dear friend
thanks for your reply to the post

i am also have the same questions in my mind

being a system administrator for a small organization

i am not able to satisfy the interviewer about this questions

do u have any best answers or suggestions i will adopt those to mine

please do it for us
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Old 05-31-2010
The only read advice I can give you about interviews is: Be Honest, because if you lie about your experience sooner or later a situation will arise where this experience would be needed, and if you can't deliver at this point, at best you'll get reprimanded. At worst, however, you'll be fired and sued for damages.
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Old 06-03-2010
I just attended an "out placement" class for those of us who will be layed off at the end of the month. We talked about interviewing and what the instructor said was to have a good definition in mind of what your skills are, what type of equipment and software you have experience with and how you believe you can bring value to the company that you are applying to work at. Keep those things in mind and work out your answers in your mind before hand and as Pludi says above all else, be honest. If you don't know something or have no experience with something they ask, just say so.
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Old 06-04-2010

1.Stick to your basics.
2.Put only things that you have done in your company in your resume. Interviewers make it a point to ask things that you have done and how good you are at it (rather than what you don't know).
3.Prepare well on topics like Boot procedure,crontabs,Users and profile creation and OS installation.
4. If you don't know something be candid about it.
5. It's your attitude and willingness to learn that matters more than your knowledge.(What good is knowledge for if they feel u don't have the attitude to work!!)

And Don't worry about the size of your comapny's production environment.Your production environment(inside you...) is more important than that.

All the best.

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Old 06-09-2010
Originally Posted by pludi
The only read advice I can give you about interviews is: Be Honest
this is so true...

sell your skills, any skills.

when I went in for my first job as a unix admin it went a bit like this:

Q. What size company do you work for at the moment?
A. sorry but I am not employed at all right now...

Q. what versions of unix have you used with your last job?
A. just solaris 2.6 on some really old hardware at home.

Q. what have you done at home that makes you at all qualified for this job?!?!
A. well I built my own jumpstart server in VM-ware on windows so I could jumpstart my old sparc server.
then i got mysql running so i could do a perl/CGI website with apache.

Q. did that go well?
A. yep, site has been online for over a year.

Q. how do you backup of this "one old server" ?
A. I have a cron that dumps the CGI and sql database every night, it goes to an offsite backup automatically.

Q. offsite backup? sounds like a lot of cost for someone with out a job?
A. I do things on the cheap, it's just zip file emailed to my gmail account :-)

Boss: looks like you are good at getting the job done with whatever tools you can find, we like that...
we will take you on for 6 months, if you don't screwup too bad then you have a job.

that was 6 years ago...

I am now a unix admin who runs 400 solaris boxes.

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