Interpreting xntpdc output.

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Operating Systems Solaris Interpreting xntpdc output.
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Old 05-26-2010
Interpreting xntpdc output.

Hi. I wonder what the equal sign in front of the answer means.
I have read man pages and googled but found no answer.

xntpdc -p 
=        3  512  377 0.02060  0.057426 0.04965


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Old 05-26-2010
From an AIX xntpdc manpage (should be the same in Solaris):

The character in the left margin indicates the mode this peer entry is in:

    symmetric active. 
    symmetric passive. 
    remote server polled in client mode. 
    server is broadcasting to this address. 
    remote peer is sending broadcasts. 
    marks the peer the server is currently synchronizing to.

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