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Error in the configuration of printers

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Operating Systems Solaris Error in the configuration of printers
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Question Error in the configuration of printers

I'm trying to install printers with the shell below:

#! /bin/bash -x
lpadmin -p brmblack03 -v socket://
lpadmin -p brmblack04 -v socket://
lpadmin -p brmblack05 -v socket://
lpadmin -p cscnshopping -v socket://
lpadmin -p nshoppjt -v socket://
lpadmin -p snshplj4250 -v socket://
mv /usr/bin/lpstat /usr/bin/lpstat.old
mv /usr/bin/cancel /usr/bin/cancel.old
mv /usr/bin/enable /usr/bin/enable.old
mv /usr/bin/lpadmin /usr/bin/lpadmin.old
mv /usr/bin/lpmove /usr/bin/lpmove.old
mv /usr/bin/accept /usr/bin/accept.old
ln -s /opt/sfw/cups/bin/lpstat /usr/bin/lpstat
ln -s /opt/sfw/cups/bin/cancel /usr/bin/cancel
ln -s /opt/sfw/cups/bin/enable /usr/bin/enable
ln -s /opt/sfw/cups/sbin/lpadmin /usr/bin/lpadmin
ln -s /opt/sfw/cups/sbin/lpmove /usr/bin/lpmove
ln -s /opt/sfw/cups/sbin/accept /usr/bin/accept
/etc/init.d/cups stop
/etc/init.d/cups start
/opt/sfw/cups/bin/enable brmblack05
/opt/sfw/cups/bin/enable brmblack04
/opt/sfw/cups/bin/enable cscnshopping
/opt/sfw/cups/bin/enable nshoppjt
/opt/sfw/cups/bin/enable snshplj4250

This displays the following error:
+ /opt/sfw/cups/bin/enable brmblack05
enable: Operation failed: client-error-not-found
+ /opt/sfw/cups/bin/enable brmblack04
enable: Operation failed: client-error-not-found
+ /opt/sfw/cups/bin/enable cscnshopping
enable: Operation failed: client-error-not-found
+ /opt/sfw/cups/bin/enable nshoppjt
enable: Operation failed: client-error-not-found
+ /opt/sfw/cups/bin/enable snshplj4250
enable: Operation failed: client-error-not-found

What is this error?

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