Bad File Number

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Operating Systems Solaris Bad File Number
# 1  
Bad File Number

System Solaris 8

When I open a CONSOLE window the following starts scrolling:

"ServiceCommand: :write: Bad FIle Number"

This will continue to scroll without stopping. However, you can type while it is scrolling and login into root and even conduct business within the CONSOLE window. The following also came up after a few minutes of the above error scrolling.

"Invalid passwd from client: Client may not be using API procedding anyway"

I open up a TERMINAL window, which I believe is the same as a CONSOLE window and I do not have this problem.

I am baffled and not able to find much searching Google. Any assistance would be appreciated.

# 2  
You are getting the system warning/error messages on the console - see the man page for syslogd and look at your syslog.conf file in /etc. Suggest you don't turn it off until you understand it (you could send the output to a file versus console).

A terminal window is not the same as console. man console on the server.
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