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urgent: single-user-mode, /var/tmp read-only

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Operating Systems Solaris urgent: single-user-mode, /var/tmp read-only
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Old 05-02-2010
urgent: single-user-mode, /var/tmp read-only

this is the situation:

Power outage. Root mirror (svm).

it goes to single-user-mode, asking for fsck.

Fsck suceeds for one disk, but fail for the other.

I can't use vi-editor, it says /var/tmp/Xz12a is a read-only file system.

I need to break the mirror, there's no copy of /etc/vfstab.orig or /etc/system...I need to edit these files to break the mirror.

CDROM is not booting at all. It's solaris 10 6/06, Sun Enteprrise 450.

No boot server.

mount -o rw,remount didn't work either !

I'm stuck...
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Old 05-02-2010
Do you have rsc installed on this system or can you get "ok" prompt on this system...????
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Old 05-02-2010
Originally Posted by Reboot
Do you have rsc installed on this system or can you get "ok" prompt on this system...????
This is Sun Enterprise 450, no RSC. Yes I can get OK prompt (screen +keyboard+mouse is there).

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Ok guys, proplem solved, by replacing DVD ROM !

this is strange, after searching and discussing with my colleagues, one guy suggested that the only solution to this problem is by using the "ed" editor, but I wasn't familiair with that and it was too late.

Can we please discuss this issue ? It'll be helpful for us...this is the first time I get stuck in booting up a machines for years ! Smilie

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