Outbound email re-direct using Sendmail

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Operating Systems Solaris Outbound email re-direct using Sendmail
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Old 04-20-2010
Outbound email re-direct using Sendmail

I need to reconfigure Sendmail to strip the SMTP email addresses from all email and replace them with a single address used for testing purposes.

I have a vended application hosted on Solaris 10 servers. I have access to support the application framework (IBM WebShere Application Server 6.1), but I cannot install additional software to the server.

Our application uses the local installation of Sendmail to send alerts and notifications to standard SMTP email accounts. Everything is working in all of our environments, which is where my problem lies. Our non-production environments are sending test emails to live users because our application requires all environments to use the same LDAP directory.

My searches have led to many threads talking about configuring Sendmail to redirect email through relays to other mail servers, but I cannot find anything about changing the destination email addresses.

Please provide some guidance or links to any documentation that covers this requirement.

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Old 04-27-2010
Outbound email re-direct


Sendmail may not offer the functionality I need. Does anyone have any experience or suggestions for managing outbound emails in a test environment?

Issue recap:
  • Test environment is sending test emails (alerts and todo-notifications)
  • Application pulls the user list from a live LDAP directory so the email addresses are real
  • Need to leave mail functionality enabled to verify the emails are being generated and sent
  • Need to redirect all outbound emails to a test mailbox rather than to the listed recipients

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