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tftp daemon error

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Operating Systems Solaris tftp daemon error
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Old 03-27-2004
tftp daemon error

Hi everyone,

I am currently receiving an error on my console that reads something like:

<host> tftpd[pid]: [ID 464510 daemon.error] socket (delay): Protocol not supported

I have done so much research into tftpd, i've looked everywhere to find out what this might be caused by...unfortunately i have Solaris 8, so there is no debug option for in.tftpd. I've checked /etc/inetd.conf to make sure tftp is not commented, i've checked /tftboot, i've checked netstat -a -P udp, and *.tftp is IDLE, i've looked in /etc/services and have tftp set for port 69/udp...It started doing this randomly other day, and there's an identical machine alongside it that doesn't have this error in the syslog...I just can't figure it out, i even killed in.tftpd, but the errors keep coming, with the PID incrementing up each there a way to tell if there's a request coming in from somewhere for tftp services that isn't correct? I even snooped port 69 and udp services, but nothing lines up with the times in the syslog...any ideas?
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Old 03-27-2004
It's a bug in Sun's tftp. Someone is doing a get on a nonexistant file.
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Old 03-27-2004
thanks Perderabo

that's the only thing that sounds plausable after checking so many there a reason why no traffic apprears on port 69? If the file doesn't exist would i be able to see the request somehow, or was this a request from a while ago and the tftp server is in some kind of loop still?
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Old 03-27-2004
My guess is that you are mishandling the sniffer somehow. Fire up your sniffer and try some test sample tftp gets...both with existing files and nonexisting files.
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Old 03-27-2004
ok, did it, here's a summary:

I set up snoop for port 69, and requested a file via tftp that was non-existant, tftp kept polling for the non-existant file, and the error message was generated by syslog that tftp protocol was not supported...

Then with the same snoop set-up, i created a test file, then requested it via transfered fine, and the output of snoop looked the weird thing, so tftp works fine, but when i snoop port 69, and i am not explicitly requesting a file, there are no other requests for tftp transfers...even at the udp level, there may be some packets exchanged every minute or so, but nothing as far as tftp goes, and nothing matches up with the syslog besides my test requests ???

so i still have the tftp protocol not supported errors filling up my syslog, that seem to be generated by tftp requests for a non-existant file, but yet there are no tftp requests into the server...weird...
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Old 03-28-2004
I suppose it could be a local process doing tftp to or something like that. Unplug the box from the network and see if it persists. If it stops when you unplug the cable, it it arriving via the network, regardless of what snoop says. What snoop command are you using?

We use tftp only to load config files into x-terminals. We get these errors only when someone misconfigures an x terminal. I've never seen it fill up a log file like you're seeing.

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