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USCSICMD ioctl calls for Fibre Channel(FC) devices on Solaris 10?

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Operating Systems Solaris USCSICMD ioctl calls for Fibre Channel(FC) devices on Solaris 10?
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USCSICMD ioctl calls for Fibre Channel(FC) devices on Solaris 10?

Hi ,

I have wrtitten a C program that issues USCSICMD ioctl call to the tape devices attached on solaris sparc 10. I was able to get the required information from all SCSI tape devices attached using the utility. But, whenever it is run on FC attached tape drives , the program returns an error saying "Inappropriate ioctl for device".

bash-2.05# inquiry /devices/pci@1f,4000/fibre-channel@2/fp@0,0:devctl
inquiry: /devices/pci@1f,4000/fibre-channel@2/fp@0,0:devctl: scsi inquiry failed: Inappropriate ioctl for device

Is it possible to make an USCSICMD ioctl on FC attached tape devices ?. Can someone please provide an example if possible.


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scsieject(1)						      General Commands Manual						      scsieject(1)

scsieject - control SCSI tape devices SYNOPSIS
scsieject [-f <scsi-generic-device>] commands DESCRIPTION
The scsieject command controls SCSI devices in a platform-independent manner. As long as 'mtx' works on the platform, so does 'scsieject'. OPTIONS
The first argument, given following -f , is the SCSI generic device corresponding to your tape drive. Consult your operating system's doc- umentation for more information (for example, under Linux these are generally /dev/sg0 through /dev/sg15, under FreeBSD these are /dev/pass0 through /dev/passX. Under Solaris this is usually the same as your tape drive (Solaris has a SCSI passthrough ioctl). You can set the STAPE or TAPE environment variable rather than use -f. COMMANDS
load Load the medium into the drive. When this command is issued to a CD/DVD drive and the tray is extended the tray will be retracted if the drive is capable of it. unload Unload the medium from the drive (also known as eject). When this command is issued to a CD/DVD drive or a tape drive the media will be ejected if the device supports it. start Start the device. Some devices require a start command after a media changer has loaded new media into the device. stop Stop the device. Some devices require a stop command prior to unloading the medium from the device when using a media changer. lock Lock the device. Locks the device so that the medium cannot be removed manually. unlock Unlock the device. Unlocks the device so that the medium can be removed manually. AUTHORS
This program was written by Robert Nelson <> based on the scsitape program written by Eric Lee Green <>. Major portions of the 'mtxl.c' library used herein were written by Leonard Zubkoff. HINTS
Under Linux, cat /proc/scsi/scsi will tell you what SCSI devices you have. You can then refer to them as /dev/sga, /dev/sgb, etc. by the order they are reported. Under FreeBSD, camcontrol devlist will tell you what SCSI devices you have, along with which pass device controls them. Under Solaris 7 and 8, /usr/sbin/devfsadm -C will clean up your /devices directory. Then find /devices -name 'st@*' -print will return a list of all tape drives. /dev on Solaris is apparently only of historical interest. BUGS AND LIMITATIONS
There are no known bugs or limitations. AVAILABILITY
This version of scsieject is currently being maintained by Robert Nelson <> as part of the 'mtx' suite of programs. The 'mtx' home page is and the actual code is currently available there and via SVN from SEE ALSO
loaderinfo(1),tapeinfo(1),mtx(1) scsieject1.0 scsieject(1)

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