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Is it possible to setup a samba share to always mount to a specific Windows drive letter???

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Operating Systems Solaris Is it possible to setup a samba share to always mount to a specific Windows drive letter???
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Is it possible to setup a samba share to always mount to a specific Windows drive letter???

I'm trying to setup Samba in a solaris zone... Is there a way to setup Samba so that every Windows machine that tries to connect to the share always gets it mounted under the same drive letter (e.g. HSmilie???

My Samba share (in smb.conf)

I want that all Window users get it mounted under "H:" drive letter by default.

Thanks you.
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Drive letters are a Windows (DOS) thing, not a Samba, or a UNIX thing... so, I guess not!

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Well yes... I was just wondering if there were any options I could add to my smb.conf to prevent users from mounting the share under "C:" for example.

Anyway I think that solved my question, thank you very much for your fast reply! Smilie
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As far as I know there is nothing you can do on your Samba server to force Windows to use a specific drive letter. You'll have to add the mapping to your AD login script or a local batch file in the startup folder on each Windows workstation.

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