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Hot Spare pool

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Operating Systems Solaris Hot Spare pool
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Old 03-06-2010
Hot Spare pool

One more query in SVM Smilie Now with hot spare spool...

I can understand adding/replacing a slice in particular hot spare pool with "-a / -r" option (or) adding a slice to all existing hot spare pool with "-all" option. Here my query is for deleting, we have only option "-d".

1) If the hot spare slice failing and its already added in multiple hotspare pool. how to delete that? Here can we use "-d -all" to remove ? or anyother options we have?

2) If we have 10 hot spare pool and we want to add a slice in (for example) particular 4 hot spare pool, how to add in a single command? Is it possible ?

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Old 03-06-2010
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Old 03-07-2010
Thanks Mate Its working ... I amclear now.

bash-2.05# metahs -a all c0d1s5
hsp002: Hotspare is added
hsp001: Hotspare is added
bash-2.05# metahs -d all c0d1s3
hsp001: Hotspare is deleted
hsp002: Hotspare is deleted

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