Sun blade 1500 installation and administration problem

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Operating Systems Solaris Sun blade 1500 installation and administration problem
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Old 02-23-2010
Sun blade 1500 installation and administration problem


I'm completely new in solaris,and don't know many about it.
I was installed solaris 10 on sun blade 1500,and also I need to install oracle on it.
Now I stuck on some thing and i'm sure that you help me.
When i started Oracle installation system told me that I don't have enogh swap space.
But when I tried create swap file on /export/data/ say that I don't have enough space to create 1000m swap I think that I must resize or create new partition?
I googled many but unsuccessfully.
how that I create partition?

And why that SMC don't works?
When i go on disk or enhanced storage under Storage it told me...
Disk is not able to connect to the server.Reason:VER_ERROR Verify that the server is running,try stopping and restarting it.
I was trie turn off/on smc but again unsuccessfully.

please help.

everything what I touched on Solaris doesn't work

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Can anybody help???
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Old 02-23-2010
A swap file is going to be very slow compared with a properly sized swap slice, it is therefore likely to make your Oracle database slow as well. It would be simpler to do the Solaris install from the start again and when it comes to slicing up the disk let Solaris automatically slice the disk for you and then go in and edit the sizes if the swap slice is not big enough before proceeding any further.

I have never seen the need to use the SMC (Solaris Management Console)...
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