Sparc Solaris 8 crash dump

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Operating Systems Solaris Sparc Solaris 8 crash dump
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Old 02-09-2010
Sparc Solaris 8 crash dump

My sparc solaris 8 server crashed/rebooted yesterday and I have the vmcore files. I have some initial output from SCAT and ACT. I have not included all but any info would be helpful. I can supply more output if necessary.

Thanks you.

Can I have any information about this ACT and SCAT output. It would be greatly appreciated.


core file:      vmcore.0
user:           Super-User (root:0)
release:        5.8 (64-bit)
version:        Generic_117350-44
machine:        sun4u
node name:      hccssun5
hw_provider:    Sun_Microsystems
system type:    SUNW,Sun-Fire-V440 (UltraSPARC-IIIi)
hostid:         83ac50db
dump_conflags:  0x10000 (DUMP_KERNEL) on /dev/md/dsk/d10(3.90G)
time of crash:  Mon Feb  8 14:42:08 EST 2010
age of system:  101 days 22 hours 58 minutes 44.84 seconds

panic CPU:      1 (4 CPUs, 16G memory)
panic string:   recursive mutex_enter, lp=78027ff0 owner=2a1004d7d20 thread=2a10     04d7d20


PANIC occurred on this CPU

cpu addr 0x30004c7ca98
running thread addr 0x2a1004d7d20
pause thread addr 0x2a100003d20
dispatched thread addr 0x2a100007d20

interrupt stack is 0x2a1004d1f50
interrupt thread list starts at 0x2a1004ddd20
struct cpu 2280 is not the expected size 2248

PANIC occurred on this thread

Kernel thread:

thread addr 0x2a1004d7d20, proc addr 0x104245b0, lwp addr 0x0
Thread 0x2a100007d20 is pinned by this thread
Thread bound to cpu id 0x1

t_state is 0x4 - TS_ONPROC

Scheduling info:
t_pri is 0xa5, t_epri is 0x0, t_cid is 0x0
scheduling class is: SYS
t_disp_time: is 0x348129bf, 0t880880063
last switched: 6 mins 8 secs ago on cpu 0x1

pc is 0x10048b94, sp is 0x10424010, t_stk 0x2a1004d7b10

Stack trace is:

unix: setjmp ()
unix: panicsys+0x44 (0x10057730,0x2a1004d7468,0x10000,0x10001,0x80000000,0x5508)
unix: vpanic (0x10057730,0x2a1004d7468)
unix: panic+0x1c (0x10057730,0x10415fe8,0x78027ff0,0x2a1004d7d20,0x2a1004d7d20)
unix: mutex_panic+0x5c (0x10415fe8,0x78027ff0)
unix: mutex_vector_enter+0x250 (0x78027ff0,?,?,0x0)
unix: mutex_enter (0x78027ff0)
skip_es: skip_es_rcv+0x22c (0x300056edca0,0x300056e8300)
skip_es: skip_esr+0x84 (0x300056edca0,0x300056e8300)
unix: putnext+0x218 (0x300056ece60,0x300056e8300)
qfe: qferead_dvma+0x344 (0x30005768000,0x300055aabf8)
qfe: qfe_intr+0x154 (*0x30000158628)
pcisch: pci_intr_wrapper+0x80 (0x30005725db0)
unix: intr_thread+0xa4 ()
unix: splx ()

idlethread is 0x2a100007d20

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Old 02-09-2010
open a call at the sun/oracle support line and let an engineer have a look at the dump. i assume this is a production machine...?!
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Old 02-09-2010
Prior to the crash, any warnings or errors seen in the /var/adm/messages files?
Can attach for us to see if there are hints on the cause of panic, MAYBE it might help
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