How to get the filepath and filenames in pfiles PID command?

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Operating Systems Solaris How to get the filepath and filenames in pfiles PID command?
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Old 01-21-2010
How to get the filepath and filenames in pfiles PID command?


When I use pfiles PID, it displays the below output and i just see the inode, can i able to get the full path and file name? pl help me on this.

Current rlimit: 8192 file descriptors
0: S_IFCHR mode:0620 dev:308,0 ino:12582968 uid:1001378434 gid:7 rdev:24,26

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Old 01-21-2010
You already have the full path: /devices/pseudo/pts@0:26
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Old 01-21-2010

I just tried,

file /devices/pseudo/tl@0:ticotsord
/devices/pseudo/tl@0:ticotsord: character special (105/1)

But is this really a file?
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Old 01-21-2010
Files under the /devices directory are representing real or virtual devices.
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