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about gtar command with zcvf options


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Old Unix and Linux 12-23-2009   -   Original Discussion by raghu.iv85
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about gtar command with zcvf options

Hi all,

will gtar zcvf command work in csh and tcsh shells? Becuase when i'm executing one script in bash and ksh, it's working fine. But it's not working in csh and tcsh shells. We have to run multiple scripts in tcsh, so we can not change the shell while executing these scripts. One of my script is only having this command.

can anyone please suggest on this?

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Old Unix and Linux 12-23-2009   -   Original Discussion by raghu.iv85
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Perhaps isn't you path correctly set when under (t)csh, i.e. is missing /usr/sfw/bin. If that's not the case, can you post the command you launch and the error message you get ?
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Old Unix and Linux 12-24-2009   -   Original Discussion by raghu.iv85
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The backup variable tar is the full name of the GNU tar executable. If this is not set, backup scripts will search tar in the current shell path.
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