Can't connect to Internet

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Can't connect to Internet

Dear freinds...

I downloaded solaris for x86 and was able to configure the lan correctly.. I can ping and share with other destops through lan... but still I can't connect to internet ? can you please help..

I put my default gateway which is to /etc/defaultrouter but with no use..

My ip is

please advise
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if you use the search function, you should find tons of information for this topic...

the key should be the dns configuration. edit the files
with the correct settings!

# 3  
thank you for your response...

Yes, I read about these files, but I still dont know how should I configure the /etc/nsswitch.conf file... ?


cat /etc/resolv.conf

is this ok also ? my hostname is server1

thank you
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/etc/resolv.conf should contain line like that:

where is the IP address of your DNS server.
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edit the nsswitch.conf file. look for the line with:

hosts: files

add dns at the end of this line to enable dns lookup for hosts on your machine.

more information can be found here: Enabling a Machine to Use DNS (Solaris Naming Setup and Configuration Guide) - Sun Microsystems
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Simply, run the command:

#cp /etc/nsswitch.dns   /etc/nsswitch.conf

# 7  
Many many thanks...

It works now :-) ....

But now every time I restart my solaris I have to run "ifconfig gani0 netmask ...

where can I insert this command so that it runs automatically each time I restart my pc ??

Many thanks again
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