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Need help with lpstat command

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Operating Systems Solaris Need help with lpstat command
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Old 10-27-2009
Need help with lpstat command


lpstat reports me "Failed to contact service for xxxxxx: not-found"

lpstat -p test -l
printer test unknown state. enabled since Oct 27 12:01 2009. available.
Remote Name: XXXXXX
Remote Server: sunsrv
Failed to contact service for xxxxxx: not-found

can someone help me what the above error means and where am i going wrong with my config.
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Old 11-08-2009
Can you ping the server "sunsrv", is it listed in /etc/inet/hosts, NIS or DNS?
Can you telnet to port 515 on sunsrv (lpd)?
Does the printer queue "xxxxxx" exist on sunsrv.
What does running:
lpstat -h sunsrv -v

give you?

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