error message rmclomv ... SC Login Failure for user Please login:

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Operating Systems Solaris error message rmclomv ... SC Login Failure for user Please login:
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Old 10-20-2009
error message rmclomv ... SC Login Failure for user Please login:

Hello World ~

HW : SUN Fire V240
OS : Solaris 8

Error message prompts 'rmclomv ... SC login failure ...' on terminal.
Error Message prompts continually 'SC Login Failure for user Please login:' on Single Mode(init S)
The System is in normal operation, though
In case of rain, Can someone please tell me what the error means and what rmclomv is

Thanks in advance

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Old 10-21-2009
You're not even in the OS right?
Did you provide the correct SC login id and password at the ALOM?obviously that's one of the error.
rmclomv refers to a pseudo-device
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