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Password Recovery From /etc/shadow file

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Operating Systems Solaris Password Recovery From /etc/shadow file
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Old 09-26-2009
Password Recovery From /etc/shadow file

Is it possible to reset a normal user password , by editing password field in /etc/shadow file?

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Old 09-26-2009
there is no need to edit the file directly. use the passwd command
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Old 09-26-2009
What i mean is, whether we will be able to reset the password as blank by clearing the password field in /etc/shadow file?Situation in which we forgot the user login password.

# 4  
Old 09-26-2009
see the man page for passwd. you can do everything that your asking using the passwd command and without having to directly edit /etc/shadow. see the -d and -f option.
# 5  
Old 09-26-2009
Thanks Frank.:-)
# 6  
Old 09-26-2009
technically yes... you can edit the file and it will clear out the password.
# 7  
Old 09-27-2009
After clearing the encrypted passwd in the shadow file, you can do
#passwd -f <userID>
to force the user to set the password in the next login

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