sun ultra or sun sparkstation

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Operating Systems Solaris sun ultra or sun sparkstation
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Old 11-13-2003
sun ultra or sun sparkstation

am wonder wich sun computer is better, a sun ultra or sun sparkstation, and what is the difference
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Old 11-14-2003
Sparcstations are pretty much obsolete now a days. The Ultra servers are almost there as well. I would get the Ultra so you can run Solaris 9. Parts are expensive for both (you may find some deals on ebay or such).
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Old 11-14-2003
I believe the main difference is Sparcstations use the UltraSparc cpu while Ultra workstations use the UltraSparc II. Sparcstations were already starting to show their age when I first started doing Sun admin in 1997. Using one now is like firing up your old Commodore 64, might be fun and you might learn something if you've never used Unix - but it is totally obsolete as far as doing work or running current OS and applications goes.

Definately the Ultra workstation will be better. Although even those haven't been sold new for a year or two. At least the low end ones with 1 cpu like the Ultra 5 and Ultra 10. If you want to spend tens of thousands Sun might still sell you a quad cpu Ultra 80 or something like that. The current low end Sun workstations are the Sun Blade models which start right around $1000.
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Old 11-17-2003

look there:

greetings Pre▀y
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Old 12-02-2003
i have a sun ultrasparc server

does any one want to buy one??

if not its spec is 167mhz ultrasparc 1
64mb ram
etc etc

is this sufficiant to run a games server with?

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Old 12-24-2003
Depends what you need to do with your machine...
Any Ultra machine it's quite good.
Solaris doesn't need that many hardware resources as Windows, I personally run Solaris 9 and Domino 6 on an Ultra 5 desktop 300 MHz 256 ram with no problems.
You can get a similar machine on ebay for about 100$
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Old 11-10-2005
I need one

I need an Ultra 5 or Ultra 10 machine with Quad fast ethernet if some one is selling or guide me where to find cheap ones.

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