Listing processes with swap usage

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Operating Systems Solaris Listing processes with swap usage
# 8  
Old 09-23-2009
What reports:
swap -s
swap -l
prstat -s size -n 10 -Z 1 1

# 9  
Old 09-23-2009
Problem is that we had restarted the discovrer application on the system which was eating up swap space which is now free ..
# 10  
Old 09-23-2009
What is the "discovrer application" ?
Did you reboot the system ?
# 11  
Old 09-23-2009
i do not know much but it was something related to Oracle Discoverer and then apps dba restarted the app and it resolved the problem but i wanted to to know with what way we can pin down a process who is eating all the swap or memory
# 12  
Old 09-23-2009
Just monitor regularily the memory usage with the prstat command I suggested.
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