Verifying Solaris CD Downloads with md5 Checksum on Ubuntu

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Operating Systems Solaris Verifying Solaris CD Downloads with md5 Checksum on Ubuntu
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Old 08-14-2009
Verifying Solaris CD Downloads with md5 Checksum on Ubuntu

I didn't know weather to post this in the Solaris or Linux forum so move it if necessary.

In the Solaris 10 CD Download Instructions, it says:
Once you have downloaded a file, you should check that it has not been corrupted during the download before burning it to a CD.
For that, you need to do an "md5 checksum", which compares your downloaded file against the file you would find on the server.
I open up a Terminal (I'm running Ubuntu Linux) and do a man on md5. It gives me this syntax:
       openssl dgst [-md5|-md4|-md2|-sha1|-sha|-mdc2|-ripemd160|-dss1] [-c]
       [-d] [-hex] [-binary] [-out filename] [-sign filename] [-passin arg]
       [-verify filename] [-prverify filename] [-signature filename] [file...]

So I run it on all the zip files I downloaded and the iso files I extracted from them:
brad@rockstar:~/Solaris 10 5-09$ openssl dgst -md5 sol-10-u7-ga-x86-v1.iso sol-10-u7-ga-x86-v2.iso sol-10-u7-ga-x86-v3.iso 
sol-10-u7-ga-x86-v4.iso sol-10-u7-ga-x86-v5.iso
MD5(sol-10-u7-ga-x86-v1.iso)= 936ae7424f9e4e502b0c5afb31c76fab
MD5( e9b7a2ddc2534ca34afae192f3257e25
MD5(sol-10-u7-ga-x86-v2.iso)= 23732a79c43531b9b983a806bca8c37c
MD5( 7aa8e8db4821d227a926ba95dd4ef223
MD5(sol-10-u7-ga-x86-v3.iso)= 512ac1b5a226f505782401e98a1a371e
MD5( 3a9897d23a9c3b3b4144010ca17625a8
MD5(sol-10-u7-ga-x86-v4.iso)= f99e845473c85eadff9c6fbba47ccd32
MD5( 539efa6291722c0ad2699a4ba10b146a
MD5(sol-10-u7-ga-x86-v5.iso)= 1bc93383264179ef43a0df17cb130259
MD5( 738aa51a976de67c8721d21f5f4ec7d6

All the strings that are outputted match the strings in the file I also downloaded from the same place as the zip files containing the Solaris iso images. Does this mean that it verified the files and I'm good to install?

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Old 08-14-2009
If the md5 output matches what it says it started as - you are good to go.
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Old 08-14-2009
For Example if you download the following ISO "sol-10-u7-ga-x86-dvd". The MD5 for this is "6e1fc99eee3cdb0e88b8322521fd60a3". If it match, you can Install normaly !!!!
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