doubt regarding bzip2

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Operating Systems Solaris doubt regarding bzip2
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Old 08-02-2009
doubt regarding bzip2


I tried to upload the crash dump files unix.0 and vmcore.0 ..bzip2 is working fine for unix.0 but for vmcore.0 its not working and it shows the below error. Is there any size limit or file type for bzip2. current vmcore.0 file size -- 2326372352 kb

# file vmcore.0
vmcore.0: SunOS 5.8 Generic_117350-47 64-bit crash dump from 'tktpfclu1'

"bzip2: Input file vmcore.0 doesn't exist, skipping."
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Old 08-02-2009
The file is larger than 2 GB. From "man largefile" (Solaris 10):

Standards, Environments, and Macros                  largefile(5)

     largefile - large file status of utilities

     A large file is a regular file whose size is greater than or
     equal  to  2 Gbyte ( 2**31 bytes). A small file is a regular
     file whose size is less than 2 Gbyte.

  Large file aware utilities
     A utility is called large file aware if it can process large
     files  in  the same manner as it does small files. A utility
     that is large file aware is able to handle  large  files  as
     input and generate as output large files that are being pro-
     cessed. The exception is where additional files  are used as
     system configuration files or support files that can augment
     the processing. For example, the file utility  supports  the
     -m  option for an alternative "magic" file and the -f option
     for a support file that can contain a list of file names. It
     is  unspecified  whether  a utility that is large file aware
     will accept configuration or support files  that  are  large
     files.  If a large file aware utility does not accept confi-
     guration or support files that  are  large  files,  it  will
     cause  no  data  loss  or  corruption upon encountering such
     files and will return an appropriate error.

     The following /usr/bin utilities are large file aware:

     adb           awk           bdiff         cat           chgrp
     chmod         chown         cksum         cmp           compress
     cp            csh           csplit        cut           dd
     dircmp        du            egrep         fgrep         file
     find          ftp           getconf       grep          gzip
     head          join          jsh           ksh           ln
     ls            mdb           mkdir         mkfifo        more
     mv            nawk          page          paste         pathchck
     pg            rcp           remsh         rksh          rm
     rmdir         rsh           sed           sh            sort
     split         sum           tail          tar           tee
     test          touch         tr            uncompress    uudecode
     uuencode      wc            zcat

Note that even in Solaris 10, bzip2 is not large file aware.

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