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Operating Systems Solaris about Solaris Patch Clusters md5sum
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PHP about Solaris Patch Clusters md5sum


for Solaris Patch Clusters version 10_x86_Recommended.zip (Jul 15 2009 / 817 MB - SunSolve)

MD5: be40488b0fb1d081deda69dbca415be3 is correct?

(the problem is that I don't have an account. ...therefore I can't login on Sunsolve for view MD5 page)

yes, is a terrible thread!

thanks in advance.

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You do not need an account or support contract to access Sun Microsystem's CHECKSUMS file.
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Be warned, that's an 8MB page, you might want to `wget` it or right-click/save-as and view it in a text editor. Your browser will probably have trouble displaying a page that large.
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thanks guys Smilie ... yes, I used wget
(Firefox has been afraid)
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