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copying from mirror to primary

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Operating Systems Solaris copying from mirror to primary
# 1  
Old 07-11-2009
copying from mirror to primary

Hi Anybody,

I have a primary disk and mirror disk

They are not synced properly.

Even though i attached the mirrors.

Now i want to copy one directory which is in primary to mirror disk.

Is that possible ,,

kindly guide me

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Old 07-11-2009
depending on your configuration... but it should be possible.
# 3  
Old 07-11-2009
What makes you say they are not synced properly? What problem you encounter? How is it mirrored?
Btw, after you copy the directory, make sure you can access it, its the objective right?
# 4  
Old 07-15-2009
The situation is like this. Suppose I have a file which is corrupt in primary disk.

How can i copy the same file from mirror disk,.

# 5  
Old 07-15-2009
If the disks are mirrored then you will have the same copy on mirror disk also. How do you know the one which is on the mirror disk is not corrupted? The only option seems to is restoring from backup, if any exists.

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# 6  
Old 07-15-2009
Put your disks in raid 0+1
you can use like this

PHP Code:
prtvtoc /dev/rdsk/c2t0d0s2 fmthard –s - /dev/rdsk/c2t1dos2 
with this command you will get information about disks

and this command copy all data from mirror to primary HDD
metadb –afc3 c2t0d0s2 c2t1d0s2
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